How One Commandment Can Change the World

“Thou Shalt Not Kill”  — Exodus 20:13

1. There would be no War.

2.  If there is no War, there is no debt-usury system.

3.  If there is no debt-usury system, there is no need for The People’s income taxes to pay the privately owned Federal Reserve’s IRS.

(Can send the kids to college, instead of war for the corporatists, and get the American Dream back as well).

4.  If there is no DEBT-USURY-TAXES-WAR system, there is NO MORE Malthusian Vision.

4.  If there is no more Malthusian Vision, Human BEINGS ARE SET FREE TO BE connected to their higher purpose for the fulfillment of all Human needs.

Together, yes we can Get Set Free.

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