Chapter 10

Moving from the World of Error and Terror
to the Reason for our Being

Key Conclusive Ideas in The Spiritual UN
Blueprint for Love Book

Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest is a Highly Primitive Notion for a Spiritually Connected Reality that Began with the all-encompassing “Let There Be Light” Big Bang (Genesis 1:3).

The Darwinistic (Dark) World is Materialistic, Mechanistic and Animalistic—and Derives from the Separated Ego involving Fear, Death and Destruction.

The Spiritually Connected Reality, Derives Directly from Source or God—is Love-Created and Sourced, and is Fearless. At the Same Time, the Spiritually Connected Reality is Humanistic and Holistic—Deriving from our transcendent, eternal, immortal Spirit.

Spirit is the Unity of All or ‘God’—or First Cause—of the Light and Thus All Things.

The Planet is Made for the Unfolding of Love, Knowledge, Ideas and Consciousness (or Awareness) through the Light in All its Wondrous Diversity—both through the Natural World and All the Spiritually Based, Transcendent Religions and Moral Philosophies of Man including the Upanishads of Ancient India.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 10

  1. You need to dose the water supply with LSD before anyone will know what you’re talking about…

    Don’t get me wrong–that might be progress. Most people do not feel spiritually connected to anything.

    • Point taken! There may be many who do not know what it is all about, but there are just as many who do. We are also an education site. And we’ve only just begun.

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