Join Us in the Humanities Vision

“Fixing the root, not the fixings” — anything else is a waste of time and world.

John F. Kennedy said, “If mankind does not put an end to war, war will put an end to mankind” — and so we would like for you to join us in the Humanities Vision.

The Humanities Vision speaks to the inner chord of all individuals through joy, love, learning, altruism and our open hearts as our connection with All to All.  At the same time, it is uplifting and deeply meaningful to Life where Human beings are not simply “things” to be used and abused and disposed of in manufactured Wars and famine by the over-arching, inhumane Malthusian vision of the world.  Instead, in the Humanities vision, each and every life is precious as it carries a unique, sacred aspect of Life itself to expand our world to undreamed of dimensions, possibilities and joy—as our true purpose in Life.

In the Humanities vision, we have the other half of the equation through a morally right economic system that returns to the world the proper use of money, thus allowing all Human beings everywhere to realize their full creativity, potential, passions and interest that would make our experience in this world simply one of adventure, meaning, wonder and, at the same time, Love for fellow Human being and all Life on the Planet as the Native Americans and other indigenous peoples have shown us.

However, in real time, in this 21st century world, after thousands of years of timeless teachings and wisdom, there is a stark contrast of where we need to be, and the world we have. The world, since the advent of the great Prophets, teachings, philosophies and timeless wisdom should exist in the over-arching Humanities vision, but instead we have the false and unwanted over-arching vision of Militarism and Perpetual War through the “Clash of Civilizations” Malthusian ideology that is killing all life on the Planet—not simply through direct destruction of bombing, killing and invading peoples and their lands, but also through immense pollution and toxicity to the environment, and to life itself, including the destruction of human DNA through depleted uranium weapons which is also causing cancers and other debilitating diseases world-wide.

If the Planet is to survive at all, and if the Human species is to have a future with better possibilities that allows us all to grow and evolve together, then we must hold up the all inclusive vision for Humanity as the other WARLESS WAY we can all travel and tread on this Planet. The false and unwanted over-arching vision of Militarism and Perpetual War deprives Humanity’s higher possibilities, and which we cannot allow because literally, we do know better.

The over-arching Humanities vision is the core basis and center of another pathway for a higher and happier world, cohering the values of all our great wisdom traditions and philosophies so that we, as a better kind of Humanity, can birth them into a real world possibility where good people coalesce and begin to assume the empowerment of our collective destiny where each and all of us matter, including the well being of the Planet in a Holistic manner where we are harming none and helping all.

In the backward steps and over all palpable devolution and nosedive America and Human civilization has taken since 9/11, we, in the greater picture, have now all reached a fork in the road. We must now, individually, make a personal choice—the most important of all—adult and child, young and old—for both our individual and collective existence on this beautiful Planet: Are we to stay on the current path of self-annihilation that we as a species are now all travelling; or should we, ought we choose the better pathway for the Planet where we are all truly uplifted by our compassionate element that Christ put forth to us in the prime ethic and directive to “Love one another”—as simply a Human family in spiritual harmony living straight from our hearts—which would give us a whole new world and experience that is caught in the visionary insight of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin—the radical priest for his time:

“… We shall harness for God the energies of love and then, for a second time
in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”

Isn’t it about time we had a new experience for the world?—The Humanities Vision—where we are sparking and harnessing the energies of Love in each and all of us through our highest and greatest potential. We can come together and choose it over war, militarism and monolithic and monopoly corporatism—a cancer and a disease—that is killing and asphyxiating all Life on this beautiful Planet. Instead, let our choice be to rebirth ourselves, through a life-renewing Genesis, and breathe free as a better kind of Humanity aligned with the wonder, beauty and naturalness of this Planet—with harm to none—as true healers indeed for everything in need.

We build it from the ground up, with equality to all, prosperity for all, and rights for all as God gave it to be for eternity.

In “A More Perfect Union”— The Spiritual UN
Building Fund and the Pillars of Light

To everyone we have given a law and a way [emphasis added]….. and if God had pleased, He would have made [all Humankind] one people [people of one religion].  But He hath done otherwise, that He might try you in that which He hath severally given unto you:  wherefore press forward in good works. Unto God shall ye return, and He will tell you that concerning which ye disagree” — Islam

*Oneness of God; *Peace Not War; *The Ten Commandments; *Justice and Truth; *The Complimentary Energy of the Opposites; *The Golden Rule; *The Complimentary and Evolutionary Male and Female Energies Together; *The Higher Self is the Real Self; *Harm No Life; *Compassion and Wisdom; *The Earth Mother and the Interconnectedness of All Life

All Life is connected and interconnected. All life is One. Science tells us through quantum physics and Religion tells us through their Holy books and Scriptures. It is therefore our Human duty—the categorical imperative—our moral ought to build bridges not barriers with each other and to Life itself for the fulfillment of all with harm to none.

Further, the First Peoples of Earth, the Australian Aboriginals and the Native American Indians and other indigenous cultures of the southern and northern Hemispheres have been reminding us that we are One Life with the Earth Mother, and that we must abide by the ethics of the Natural order which in turn is connected to the Cosmos or greater Universe.  Indeed, the Hopi prophecy asks us to change our pathway where technology is in balance and in complete harmony and in complement with all Life.

Life on Earth must therefore not disturb, destroy, kill, harm or pollute the way the Natural world worksfor it is only common sense, that if we lose the proper functioning of the Planet through all our animals, plants and ecosystems both above and below ground, we will also lose our very existence on the Planet.

At the same time, the Religions of Modern Man tell us—through the Oneness of God—Equality of all is the right blueprint and structural dynamic for the evolution of the Planet which uplifts, evolves and gives voice to every part of Life and Creation without destroying or harming any part of Life itself.  Equality thus moves us All to higher levels of life and living seamlessly without friction or worry.  Naturally, we all prefer the world of people-to-people and heart-to-heart because in reality, no borders on the Earth can be seen from space.

Meanwhile, thousands of years later after Religion, modern science has discovered that we Humans have a compassionate gene and that we are hard wired for empathy—a behavior that already exists in the Golden Rule of “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you”—which goes for all life on Earth as well where there is no more killing and destroying through the errant materialist culture of death and destruction that has pathologically overtaken the natural world and all Life on Earth. 

So that we may return to a higher Love, a meaningful world that draws on our true purpose of why we are all here on this beautiful blue orb as individuals in our own right, we invite all peoples of all Religions to uphold their particular Pillars of Light for the building of The Spiritual UN—a vision and a way that is good to all, as well as all Americans who love their nation, for Benjamin Franklin said, “America’s Destiny is Not Power, but Light.”  Islam, as it predates the American Founding by over a thousand years, and is the precursor to the American Founding also says to “Build Light upon Light.”

At the same time, the Blueprint for Love Book (below) is the unifying centerpiece that enables us to come together in “A more perfect union” of ourselves with all Life, so that we may, in the words of George Washington, attain “the last stage of Human perfection” capturing the track of our true Human destiny together—where no Human being is an enemy of another Human being because we see it’s just been politics all along.

We would like to make our joining together a sacred and special effort in the building of a new holistic way, beyond all division and darkness for the total uplift of our Humanity and all life on the Planet as it is meant to be—beautiful, true, joyous and just.

Together, as it is meant to be, we can make the Humanities Vision for a warless and non-violent world real to set us all free—and in its place a better kind of world Reality and Humanity.

Become a pioneer for The Spiritual UN Building Fund.