Chapter 7

Moving from the World of Error and Terror
to the Reason for our Being

Key Conclusive Ideas in The Spiritual UN
Blueprint for Love Book

Jesus and Money Changers

The True Purpose of Money:

“Money as Creative Oil”—The Concept of Money Changes from a “Thing-In-Itself” to Simply the Meeting of all of Humanity’s Human Needs, along with the unleashing of our unlimited Human creativity to meet those Needs and more—in our Holistic paradigm where there is harm to none.

With the proper meaning and purpose of Money, we see THE END of all Poverty, Homelessness, Starvation, Hunger and War—and the cruelty to any life form or the decimation and destruction of the Planetary eco systems anywhere.

Hierarchy ceases and Equality begins, as all—everywhere—are equally able to have the opportunity to reach their full evolutionary potential and creativity (= pure Joy).

A World Without Politics!

The Thorn in Our World and Reality—Politics, Leaders and Lawmakers, Warmakers i.e., the Middle Men to Our Lives and World are Not Necessary and Can (and Should) be Made Obsolete.

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