Heaven on Earth

To Be or Not to BeScience Meets Religion

With thought—as we know in quantum physics—we can also change our reality or world, so let’s CHOOSE the better or enlightened way as a Humanity that the new, Holistic, spiritually-connected System would give.

Why do we need to do this? Because ALL RELIGIONS ask us to care about the welfare (or evolution for that matter) of not only ourselves, but also our fellow man.

And yes, let’s FORGIVE our old ways through LETTING GO of the (same ol’ same ol’)  system and its destructive ways COMPLETELY.

With the new System, we now have the OPPORTUNITY to engage our HIGHER Selves (our connection with God / Heaven / Spirit-uality / Oneness / Love) rather than through the lower self or Ego which gives us the world of death, fear, greed, war and all other madness and ills of our world.

At the same time it is the world of the Ego, of selfishness and self-interest which has created the ILLUSION or MAYA of life in this physical / material world.  It is on this illusion or false construct the world itself has been built by  those who own and control the world and have turned it upside down and inside out.

As we are thinking beings by our spiritual construct, we must be able to contemplate, as a Humanity, i.e. as a COLLECTIVE, the philosophical and spiritual reasons we are here on this naturally intelligent Planet that is connected to us through its own wondrous Life or Nature (that we must respect).

When we do this TOGETHER—as One mind, One Purpose, One LOVE—evolution on Earth will take a great leap forward and so will we as Heaven on Earth.

However, we cannot reach the level of contemplation necessary for evolution to occur until our physical needs of clean water, food, clothing, shelter and (enlightened) education are met or given the opportunity for all (because we are all One and interconnected i.e. One Life).

Now we know why we need to change or MOVE ON TOGETHER from the System that has been built for War where our physical needs are never met, to one of PEACE, where all our physical needs can be met—for the opportunity of growth in a higher world, TOGETHER, as one Humanity from many nations, cultures, regions and religions—which brings us back again to the core teachings of all—“help one another”—as it goes hand-in-hand and builds on others—to “be good stewards of the Earth,” and “Thou shalt not kill.”

So, “On Earth, as it is in Heaven”—why not?

3 thoughts on “Heaven on Earth

    • Yes, indeed. And The Spiritual UN through its System—”NO RULES, JUST RIGHT”—is able to create the necessary NURTURING of ALL Human beings and Life on this Planet on a planet-wide basis for that to occur. Consider it the “mothering” force for us to be the best that we can be as a Human RACE responsible for each other and all Life on this Planet.

      It seems it’s about time we moved out of the “control” paradigm (and all that comes with it) and into our true purpose on this Planet through the “No Harm, Help All” ethic.

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