The Answer to it All

One Humanity, One Love

The Holistic world planetary paradigm centers our world on the importance of the whole of Life and the interdependence of its parts.  It allows us the choice to turn toward a Warless and a totally toxic-free world by laying down, in terra firma, a new plan and pattern on the Planet where no Human being is an enemy of another Human being.

This book is the culmination of a highly inspired, spiritually-based thought structure that strips away our artificial divides and labels to reveal our Humanity and return us to our essential function as Human beings—which is simply to help each other and all Life on the Planet in a dynamic and progressive way.  It draws beautifully from our Higher or better nature—the center of our Heart nature—orienting us toward a totally new life and pattern on the Planet which feels like Home.

We are placed directly in the spiritual truth of the Unity and Oneness of all Life with harm or violence to none, upholding life, evolution and enlightenment in our Life on Earth and in all the ways we live and exist together on the Earth.

It puts to rest the argument that Islam is the West’s enemy, or anyone’s enemy, when in fact it is the blueprint of the American Founding itself.  At the same time, as the fundamental basis of both Islam and America, it liberates money to perform its proper function of simply meeting all of Humanity’s Human needs (in contrast to the world of Wars and institutionalized violence) so that we are all—everywhere—equally able to have the opportunity to reach our full evolutionary potential and creativity.  As a direct result, we have eliminated world poverty, hunger and collective slave-like toil in system-induced meaningless lives for millions (all of us Humans) everywhere.

It draws on the truth of Occam’s Razor that states that simplicity is our best way forward, or that we should not create unnecessary complications through our governing structure—we need only a set of principles defined with absolute clarity that govern us in a perfect and perfecting way that opens us all to growth and evolution within ourselves and within our world.

Most of all, the book allows us to move from authoritarianism to a place, in the words of Thomas Jefferson, of “governing ourselves without master” with our weight rightly shifted onto (and into) our spiritual, transcendental or divine element which the teachings of all Religions and wisdom traditions have given to us for us throughout time for the complete and essential existence of all Life on Earth—and for knowing who we are.

With all in the open and in our spiritual consciousness as the liberating force, we have completed the American Experiment that Life, Liberty and Happiness—a condition universally desired by all Human beings—is possible for all on Earth in our magnificent individuality.

In truth and respect of all,

6 thoughts on “The Answer to it All

  1. The Spiritual UN sounds like a great idea, but I do not see the need for nations to exist at all. Nation-states appear to be part of the problem of war, aggression, and exploitation — not part of the solution. I was born and raised in the USA, but I do not consider myself to be a citizen of the USA or of any nation.

    • Absolutely agree with you—to the extent that the nation remains sovereign in order to allow the citizens / individuals of the nation to remain sovereign. At the same time, through the creation of The Spiritual UN we have no need for “leaders,” politicians and nation “states”—for that is how divisiveness, wars and weapons are perpetually generated to keep the Human Race at war with itself.

      Here’s the breakdown of a nation “state”—”leaders” (are simply politicians or a bunch of egos that) require (artificially created) states, states require borders, borders require weapons, and weapons require war.

      A totally false and unnatural world has been built on the idea of nation “states” to keep the world in perpetual conflict, divisiveness and wars for none other than the perpetuation of wars and weapons and their attendant realities of deadly pollution, hunger, starvation, poverty and debt.

      The purpose of The Spiritual UN is for the collective to be able to turn away, i.e. break away from the artificial creations and false realities as they cause all the unnecessary suffering and destruction of the world and institute the true purpose of life on Earth as it is sourced directly from the foundation and spirit of our common Humanity. As we exist on the right foundation, we would no longer have any of the above realities to destroy our world and our lives in never-ending perpetual cycles, decade after decade.

      Further, by right, you should consider yourself a citizen of the USA as its very founding accorded the citizens through the Bill of Rights, protection from tyrannical rule, as well as Life, Liberty and Happiness primarily through an economic / monetary system that allowed for a high quality of life for all its citizens. Read the real cause of the American Revolution here:

      And then set things right here:

      “Join Us in the Humanities Vision”

      • So, then keep deceived, poor gentiles and israelites. Lucifer will be glad to meet you soon …
        The Creator’s angels will pour out all his wrath about all you people wh like to believe that lucifer and his demons are the goog ones …

        Or turn around and ask yourselves what you are believing in … Eyes and ears wide SHUT. Shit happens, right?

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