Chapter 4

Moving from the World of Error and Terror
to the Reason for our Being

Key Conclusive Ideas in The Spiritual UN
Blueprint for Love Book

small child picking up crumbs starving african man  man holding baby with burnt face  crying child outside bombed ruins
Why Should Humanity Exist in a World Like This?

“People should not serve the System, the System should serve Humanity”

What is the System?  Monopoly Capitalism / Fascism Set within Godless Communism / Statist Socialism — where NONE of these things are fit for a Human world.

Wars, plagues, hunger, starvation and world-wide, nation-wide poverty are purposely contrived and manufactured conditions in the world through the elitist Malthusian vision / System of population, i.e. “worker” reduction.

It views all Life on the Planet as simply soulless “things” for use and abuse, and Human beings as simply revenue and profit producing slave units;  It is anti-Human and anti-Life;  whereas, the Light and teachings of the Creator through His great Messengers are pro-Human and pro-Life.

Through the 1776 American Revolution, a sharp contrast between the World of Mammon (i.e., enforced economic enslavement and generational impoverishment) and the World of God (quality of life, Human evolutionary growth, and abundance for all) begins to surface.



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